Bio-Well camera brings together the Eastern knowledge (Ayurveda – Indian knowledge of Chakras, the traditional Chinese knowledge of meridians) with the conventional Western science of organs and organ systems, which enables obtaining a complete picture of the mental and physical state of the body. It detects potential problems in the body at the energy level and it can be combined with other techniques, i.e. it can measure the effect of a particular treatment/technique on the whole organism. The use of binaural sounds specifically designed for each client individually helps improve the overall condition of the body, increases its energy at the cellular level and, most importantly, reduces stress. The person being examined can visually see the results of its application.

There are over 200 scientific studies on the usage of this device that have been published in eminent, broadly accepted scientific journals, and all research is published on International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography Light Laboratory website, at

What is Bio-Well Camera?

BioWell camera is a revolutionary device that analyses the mental and physical health in a very simple way.

The device is patented by the Russian biophysicist Dr Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Computer Sciences and Biophysics at the University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg, Russia (, (, and is manufactured in the USA.

How does Bio-Well camera work?

The Bio-Well camera indirectly measures the energy of the body by measuring light in the air. It works in such a way that all electrically conductive materials emit electrons that react with molecules from the air, due to a high voltage electromagnetic impulse, and transmit their energy to them. Light emitted by the air molecules is “captured” by a device containing a photogram – a Kirlian photograph is taken (

People are also conductors of electricity, so they release electrons when exposed to high voltages. Depending on their mental and emotional state, as well as on the biochemical processes taking place in the body, different quantities of electrons are discharged, releasing light whose intensity is measured by the Bio-Well camera.

The Bio-Well camera induces release of electrons from the fingers that come into contact with air molecules and according to the amount of electrons discharged, light is emitted, which can be visually seen by means of this device as a biofield that surrounds the body.

NOTICE: Visual images do not show the human aura. It is rather an induced biofield, which has been scientifically proven and from which the mental and physical state of the body is read.

Индуцирано биополе

Figure 1 Induced biofield


According to the acupuncture points concept, different zones of the fingers are connected with particular organs and organ systems or particular bodily conditions. According to the intensity of the electrons emitted by the fingers and the emitted light, the following three parameters are measured: stress, energy and balance / imbalance of the whole body.


Светлина емитирана од прстите

Figure 2 Light emitted from the fingers


In fact, the biofield that you can see in Figure 1 is the sum of light of all the fingers in Figure 2. This proves that the human aura is not measured.

Bio-Well camera applications

  • Therapists who analyse the energy states, stress levels, and measure the balance/imbalance of the whole body
  • Medical research
  • Psychologists, for analysis of psycho-emotional states
  • Coaches and athletes to monitor the functional status during training and competitions by measuring stress and biorhythm
  • Company managers, as well as HR Department to analyse the employees’ energy state and stress
  • Factories, in order to reduce production line errors
  • Acupuncture practitioners
  • Anyone wanting to manage stress and timely detect potential problems in the body
  • Anyone wanting to avoid potential everyday problems by monitoring their biorhythm