Quantum cosmetics

Over the past 10 years, language-frequency genetics (quantum genetics) has been developing powerful technologies for correction of the human body, based on the principles of creating quantum equivalents (QEs) of genetic information.
This technology enables quantum regeneration of organs and tissues that will regenerate the old and sick with the young and healthy ones. In our work, we use it to offer our clients a wide range of regenerative cosmetics such as creams, lotions, powders, pads, etc.

The cosmetics we offer consist of well-known and proven bioactive substances such as ginseng, mumijo (shilajit), stone oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, programmed stem cell extracts, minerals and vitamins that aim to correct the state of the skin .
In the modern world, which is full of stress, diseases, GMOs and chemical elements, the skin usually ages most quickly. On all sides, we are offered advertised “super” cosmetics, which does not give visible results and has the sole purpose of earning as much as possible. In addition, the molecules of such creams are larger than the molecules of the skin and such cosmetic products act only superficially, without renewing the deep layers of the skin.
Using the principles of quantum genetics, we have obtained a fundamentally novel method of gentle action on the skin and at the same time on the whole body. All this is achieved only by using cosmetic products that we call informative or quantum cosmetics.

The essence of this method is that we introduce the properties of bioactive substances directly into the cream that act directly on telomeres (tiny pieces of DNA that affect longevity and health). We “force” each cell to work the way we want by means of special sound recordings that contain information on the bioactive substances.
In this case, the effect of the cosmetics that we use will be significantly greater than the effect of various pills, drinks or tonics. The creams, pre-programmed with a sound wave, practically give an order to the skin how to behave and what to change. In this way, we block or slow down its aging process. This effect then spreads over the whole body, because the skin is not isolated from the other organs in the body and works as part of a single mechanism. All organs are interconnected.

What is the difference between quantum cosmetics and conventional cosmetic creams?

All existing cosmetic products on the world market contain various biologically active substances such as plant extracts or chemical ingredients. However, in the process of absorption through the skin into the body and blood, these substances rapidly decompose under the influence of enzymes and enzymes in fragments that are not always useful and are sometimes even harmful.

Quantum cosmetics uses only natural ingredients, whose quantum information is stable and permanent. Basically, these are very important, very rare and expensive substances.
The creams incorporate these substances as their quantum equivalent (QE). That is the basis of the technology for creating quantum cosmetic creams. They are absolutely devoid of all the negative properties, but they completely retain the properties of rare and expensive biologically active substances.
This technology was developed at the Moscow Institute of Quantum Genetics, led by an academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, P. Gariaev.

A group of women who participated in clinical trials embraced quantum cosmetics with incredible enthusiasm. Rejuvenation and disappearance of visible wrinkles occur very quickly, after only a few weeks of usage. Quantum cosmetics can be used not only for the facial skin, but also for the whole body.

Academician Gariaev says: “By using QE (quantum equivalent) of purely remedial chemical compounds and remedies with a highly positive effect, we have proved that QE of these remedial compounds and preparations, in principle, cannot degrade and change its properties. QE remains unchanged and acts indefinitely.”

QIC are specialized quantum cosmetics and a source of beneficial and long-lasting effects on human skin and stabilization of its young condition, and perhaps of the face as a whole.

Moscow Institute of Quantum Genetics produces 3 types of specialized quantum information creams:

1. QIC – 1 (WHITE QIC Cream) for people up to 35 (contains Siberian mumijo)
2. QIC – 2 (BLACK QIC Cream) for people over 35 (contains Altai mumijo)
3. QIC – 3 with maclura pomifera (also called Osage orange or horse apple). The cream has a deep effect, removes toxins and dirt from the skin, in a word, it detoxifies the skin, so slight irritations that quickly recede are possible.

QIC Creams are available exclusively by order.

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