Quantum crystal

Reprogrammed Quartz Crystal (RQC)

Since ancient times, quartz crystals have been used as a powerful healing agent, as an object of meditation and as a medicine. Wise healers of the past were familiar with the properties of quartz crystals and used them in their powerful talismans and amulets.

How can minerals affect the human body?

Consciousness is inherent in all forms of matter. Even rocks have consciousness, and crystals are much more than a rock. Rocks are formed during the sedimentation and compression of minerals, whereas crystals grow cell by cell, into a perfectly shaped structure.

It has been proven that crystals have their own peculiar vibrations and that these vibrations are more in tune with the vibrations of the human body than the vibrations of any other mineral or precious stone.
Quartz crystals are used to enhance, preserve and purify the energy of thought. Quartz also has the ability to generate electrical impulses. When pressed, it creates an electric charge called “piezoelectricity”.

“Piezo” means electricity created by pressure, and quartz crystal is the most economical source of that energy. The crystals themselves do not possess an electric charge, but they have memory. When we take them in hand and “adapt” them in direct contact with our body, they behave as if they are charged. Thus, they can enhance the energy received by the cells of the human body.

Crystals can transfer energy from the natural information field to human consciousness, allowing for increased perception. Accordingly, quartz enhances and transmits spiritual energies and healing powers.
Owing to these properties, crystals accelerate and intensify the healing process.
Quartz crystals are excellent conductors of energy. When exposed to pressure, they can absorb one type of energy and produce another.

The energy emitted by the transparent quartz crystal resonates with the human information field and harmonizes it. It passes through all bodies and penetrates them. It also penetrates the structure of human cells. The transmission of energy has a magnetic polarity, just as the natural polarity of the human information field. Therefore, quartz crystal is a powerful instrument for healing and harmonizing the natural human vibration.

Crystal vibrations and quartz reprogramming

Each object, animal, plant, person, and the air around us has its own vibration. Each organ, tissue, or cell in a living thing has its own unique frequency. Each crystal has its own vibration. When you hold a crystal in your hand, it begins to vibrate with your energy, which means that the crystal can be reprogrammed and used for healing.
Programming is performed in the following way: using highly developed lasers, a quantum information matrix of biologically active substances (called matrix programme) is generated, which is stored in the quartz crystal and that information can remain stored in it for a long time.

The next question that arises is how the information stored in the quartz crystal can be transmitted to our body. The answer is very simple – through water. Scientific research has shown that any information received by water cannot stay stored in it for a long time. Information memorised by the water can be retained as long as 3 days, yet by means of quartz it can be retained much longer. Thus, the programmed crystal can help release the toxins and restore the vitality of the body through drinking water.

Water structure and water memory

The healing properties of water have been known since the beginning of human existence. Although the chemical and physical properties of water are well-known, it remains an enigma as a substance. It is the building block of every living organism and all vital activities take place in it. By means of certain chemical, mechanical and electromagnetic actions, water not only changes its structure but it also has the ability to remember. Water absorbs all the information that it encounters, be it a word, music, light, prayer, and so on. New research has shown that water not only remembers, but it also has the ability to convey and store information and that it is responsive to thoughts and feelings. Memorized water can change direction so it can change its properties in a positive or negative direction. For these reasons, academician Garyaev and the Molekula team patented the temporally-reprogrammed machine, i.e. charging the water with positive information through information stored in a quartz crystal.

Which water should be used?

The highly acidic environment is known to be favourable for the development of chronic diseases. For example, it is known that in diabetic patients the pH value is lower than 6 and that diseases begin to develop when the pH value is between 6.5 and 6.8. In addition, every 10 years, the pH value decreases by 0.1, which means that over the age of 50, the pH value decreases to 0.5, which can lead to chronic diseases.
Drinking alkaline water with a pH value greater than 7.4 is of great importance for health. Herbal teas should also be prepared with alkaline water.
RQC should be used in alkaline water and thus water becomes an active substance which is also called living water, having a beneficial effect on the whole body. Research shows that living water is found in the cells of babies and young animals. Living water has the ability to eliminate toxins in the body and to slow down the aging process as well as to improve the psychological and physical health.

Types of RQC

Quartz crystals can be reprogrammed according to client needs. The active components in RQC stay active for 12 months.
• RQC for rejuvenation
• RQC for immunity
• RQC to improve metabolism
• RQC for women
• RQC for men
• RQC for circulation
• RQC to improve digestion
• RQC for the nervous system
• RQC for pets
• Customized RQC according to client needs

How is RQC used?

All you need is water with a pH of 7.4. Put the water in the bottle with RQC and leave it overnight. The next day the water is ready to drink. You can also use RQC to make herbal teas, but the water must be alkaline. Your body will feel the benefits after a short time of use,.

How to order RQC?

You can order RQC at agape.mkd@gmail.com. You only need to describe the state briefly and we will recommend what RQC you need. You can order different types of RQC as well.
RQC is effective for 12 months. After its expiration date, you can order a new one.
In the event of damage to the bottle containing the RQC during transport, Agape BioVel will refund your money.
Payment can be made to Agap BioVel account.
Delivery time is 30 — 45 days after the purchase of RQC.