Universal and individual matrices

The information contained in DNA can be converted into a matrix (record) by a special technology using low-frequency lasers that rejuvenates and regenerates. Biologically active components such as ginseng, mumijo, royal jelly, herbal teas, etc. are processed and converted into sounds that act at the subatomic level. It should be noted that special lasers are used to simulate the quantum-information processes on chromosomes at the photon level i.e. photon spin. These matrices are called universal matrices or programmes.

The proposed programmes (matrices) activate the biologically active properties of the cells (DNA, RNA, proteins and other metabolites) and thus slow down the aging process at the quantum level. The difference between the classical methods and the quantum technique is that with the classical methods, rejuvenation is superficial, whereas with this technique, regeneration takes place at a subatomic level.

Apart from universal matrices, there are also individual matrices. The information is taken from personal photos with special equipment. A prerequisite is that the person in the photo is healthy and not older than 7. The photo is read by special equipment and a complex, highly potent spectrum, called spin information, is obtained, having powerful biological activity. F0r further reading on this technique please see Garyaev’s monograph “Linguistics Wave Genome. Theory and Practice.” (2009). It is made only once, and it is corrected every 12 months.

It should be noted that quantum rejuvenation is not a magic wand. Regeneration takes place at a subatomic level in a gradual manner and visible results take time, in a word a self-development work is necessary.

How do cells speak?

Before we look at what matrices are, we need to explain the following:
Our body is made up of billions of cells. Such a huge army must be managed by someone, and that is the DNA which is found in the nucleus of the cells. DNA contains all the information about what an organism will look like and how it will act. DNA, i.e. chromosomes, figuratively speaking, play a video to the cell on how to develop properly and they do not play the whole video at once, but in fragments (e.g. a fertilized egg does not develop immediately into a human, but it is a gradual process).
Chromosomes or DNA emit laser light. Covering itself with laser light, DNA creates a hologram. The DNA draws the matrix or a plan for building cells of the whole organism and its life course using its own light. Then that light body is filled with matter.
The fact that DNA creates a three-dimensional light image confirms the phenomenon of the existence of a phantom. To make this clearer, we will explain it using the following example:
If a small piece of birch leaf is cut and placed in a high-voltage field (Kirilian camera), a light image of the whole leaf will appear, not only of the part that was torn from the leaf. This is a hologram property. The cut part of the leaf can be cut into even smaller parts and all of them under high-voltage action will reflect the whole leaf, although with less intensive light.
The same goes for the cells. They not only see the three-dimensional light images but also read their programmes as books. Thus, each cell watches and reads its programmes as it grows and develops. When billions of cells are organized into a vast empire such as the body, they must communicate with each other and coordinate their actions. Such communication (information exchange) takes place by means of light signals, radio waves and sound.

What are matrices?

Matrices are quantum recordings of biologically active substances and listening to them leads to a gradual change at the cellular level. These sound/noise recordings are created using highly advanced laser technology and are radio wave spectra. The sound is bioinformation that the body reads. The noise allows all the cells in the body to vibrate with the same frequency and it acts as an elixir for the cells. The sound is not pleasant at first because we are not used to listening to such “music”, but it is undeniably effective. As a comparison, many medicinal teas have an unpleasant taste, but they are still very effective and healing.
The question is whether this sound is stable because it is heard as mp3 (audio recording) or as avi (audio and video recording).
Yes, the sound is stable because it is about fractals.
Here we must mention one of the most important properties of the spectrum obtained. It is the property of fractality, or similarity on various scales. This stems from the fact that we obtain a photon interferogram (hologram) of the sound sample as the primary registration of photon deformation, which is then converted into a radio wave and finally into an mp3 acoustic hologram.
It is important to understand that each hologram is a fractal (the opposite is not true). The basic property of a hologram is the fractality of its information. Therefore, the loss of some frequencies when converting the obtained spectra to mp3 format does not distort the general bioactive information. The main feature of the fractal is that its appearance and the way they are distributed do not differ even when the scale used in the observation has changed.

Types of matrices

1. Universal matrix for halting the aging process
2. Universal matrix for metabolic balance
3. Universal matrix for strengthening immunity
4. Universal matrix for people over 40
5. Universal matrix for women
6. Universal matrix for men
7. Universal matrices for mental and physical development
8. Individual matrix for esoteric and spiritual development
9. Customized individual matrices
10. Matrices for pets.

What is the advantage of matrices compared to other technologies?

Their affordable price since they are purchased only once and have no expiration date, and are produced with the latest laser technology that is currently only available in Russia. Except for the universal matrices that have to be sent for amendment every 12 months to the Quantum Genetics Centre in Russia.
A unique method that regenerates and rejuvenates the body at the quantum level. The body is rejuvenated from within, and the overall mental and physical state of the body is improved at the same time.
The use of various supplements can be reduced because the body receives bioinformation from the biologically active components that act directly at the cellular/subatomic level.
Order your matrix or visit the Agape biovel centre and prevent the aging of your body!

How to order matrices?

You can order the matrices at agape.mkd@gmail.com. All you need is a brief description of your state and we will recommend what kind of matrix you need.
Payment can be made to Agap BioVel account.
Delivery time is 30 — 45 days after the purchase of matrix/es