Quantum cosmetology

Quantum cosmetology with Handy Cure

Handy Cure (HC device) is an authorized device of the Israeli company Medical Quant Ltd. It is based on the synergistic therapeutic effect of four clinically proven methods:

  • low frequency pulse laser
  • infrared light
  • visible red light
  • static magnetic field.

These four components act simultaneously. In addition, their parameters are chosen in such a way that they mutually enhance the healing effects of each other. The biological effects occur at the subcellular and cellular levels, and as a result, the skin returns to a naturally healthy state. An independent clinical study has shown high efficacy of Handy Cure quantum therapy ranging from 76 to 100% depending on the skin damage and, naturally, on the patient’s age.

The use of the HC device is compatible with the cosmetic therapies and the use of skin care products. It has been proven in clinical practice that the use of the device leads to a skin damage reduction, circulation and muscle tone improvement, and an increase in the effectiveness of the used cosmetic products. In a word, the skin gradually acquires a youthful appearance.

How does Handy Cure work?

The human body is a set of indescribably large numbers of cells. The state of health determines their ability to perform predetermined functions, which ultimately comes down to an exchange of gases (cellular respiration), transfer, processing, and synthesis of molecules of different kinds and types (relatively speaking, nutrition). All these processes take place at molecular and submolecular levels. Modern Western science, unlike traditional Eastern science, tries to “repair” the damaged place by means of drugs, surgical scalpel and other methods.

Quantum therapy uses more subtle and delicate methods. The HC device controls the quantum beam emission at a specific point, i.e. the beam does not expand or disperse and it acts only at specific points. The quantum therapy method is non-invasive and completely painless and has no side effects at all.

The energy of the quantum beam that is transmitted to the skin does not damage its structure, nor does it weaken its function. On the contrary, it gives it extra energy to solve the problem. Consequently, there is no risk of complications or side effects in the treatment process.

Why should you choose Handy Cure treatments?

The beneficial healing effects of light have been used for many years. Until recently, the low frequency laser therapy was used successfully only in healthcare facilities around the world, but now this method can be used more widely, even at home.

The HC device activates the natural processes in the cell, it accelerates the collagen and elastin synthesis, leads to a surface wrinkles reduction and greater cell oxygenation, thus improving the skin structure of the face, neck, décolleté and arms. At the same time, the HC device can be used to detoxify and oxygenate the whole body.

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