Distance energy treatments

Nowadays we can confirm with certainty that every existing thing vibrates at some frequency. Every organ, tissue or cell in living beings has its own unique frequency. Measurements of their energy show constant vibration and resonance. Scientific research shows that disturbance or imbalance of these frequencies causes conditions, diseases, infections, damage and aging.

Science proves that emotions and thoughts vibrate as well. Negative thoughts and emotions cause disturbance of the subtle bodies in relation to the physical body, thus changing the normal vibrational pattern of the body.

Translated into the language of biochemistry, depending on our mood, our body secretes various hormones and neurotransmitters that act not only on the biochemical processes in the body, but also on the invisible world of thoughts and emotions.

In other words, we are either in resonance, in our natural vibration and in health, or we are in imbalance and disease.

IT ALL STARTS WITH A THOUGHT! The belief that the manifestation begins in the energy dimension and then manifests itself physically, emotionally and mentally is also supported by scientific research in the field of quantum physics. By influencing and changing the energy or pattern that is in us, we can influence both the physical body and every emotional or mental state. This mechanism underlies psychosomatic diseases, and it also underlies the energy methods.

By applying energy treatments at distance you can free yourself of stress & anxiety, you can gain emotional stability and clear thoughts as well as improve your psychophysical health.