Quantum Harmonization

What is Quantum Harmonization?

Quantum harmonization (KH) is a technique that transforms and balances all four levels of the body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body) in such a way that the process of self-healing is enhanced. The application of this method leads to balancing and harmonization not only of the mental and physical state, but also positive changes in life take place. Your awareness and living in the present moment gradually increase.

A quantum wave that is initiated directly from the pure consciousness is applied.

KH conjoins the ancient spiritual teachings and the modern Western science: quantum physics and psychology. It is believed to have originated from the ancient teachings of the Kahunas, Hawaiian shamans. Serge Kahili King, a shaman and writer, uses the word Kahi, meaning a magical touch, for this technique. He personally thinks that this technique is the best healing technique he has known. Dr Richard Bartlet (Matrix Energetics) and Dr Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment), as well as Andrew Blake (QCT – Quantum Consciousness Transformation) developed this technique in the nineties of the last century, independently of each other.

How does KH work?

The basis of this method lies in quantum physics, postulating that the human body is energy with a certain frequency. All our organs, tissues and cells, as well as our thoughts and emotions, vibrate at a certain frequency. When the frequencies are not synchronized, there is an imbalance on all four levels of the body. If we live for a longer period in fear, panic, insecurity, frustration, conflict, exhaustion or physical pain, certain psychosomatic disorders will inevitably occur.

The quantum wave that is invoked directly from the pure consciousness (also called the universal field, creative intelligence) works by restoring balance in the body. It acts directly on the nervous system by breaking down the old neural connections or beliefs and participating in the creation of new neural connections, thus helping to bring about positive changes in our lives.

How is KH performed?

First of all it should be mentioned that the treatment is very soothing.

The therapist works in direct communication with the client without the use of any devices. The client can stand, sit or lie down. Beside the feeling of relaxation, various sensations in the body often occur, such as a slight shaking of the body, chills or body temperature that completely disappear when the body is balanced. It is important to mention that the quantum wave always acts first where it is needed and it always causes a change that is best for the client at that moment.

How does the KH process start?

The practitioner who uses this method starts the healing process by connecting with the pure consciousness / universal field and raising the quantum wave to act on a problem that may be of a physical or mental nature.

Where can KH be applied?

  • Imbalance of mind, body and emotions
  • Improving mental and physical health
  • Reducing different types of pain
  • Emotional instability
  • Dissatisfaction with partner relationships, work and finances
  • Negative environment


Quantum harmonization is rapidly spreading around the world because it is easy to apply and gives great results. It successfully combines and complements other methods.